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SIST Held 2016 Annual Meeting
Date: 2017/1/12             Browse: 957
      The school’s annual assessment meeting was held in SIST on January 3rd, 2017. All the PI and the staff attended the meeting. The Dean Yi Ma, the deputy dean Yu Zhou and the committee chairs (Hao Chen, Jingyi Yu, Xiaojun Yuan, Sören Schwertfeger and Ziyu Shao) summarized the work of 2016.
      After the chairs reported the committees’ work, Dean Yi Ma and Yu Zhou summarized about the faculty recruitment status, the research management, the academic affairs, the students recruitment status,the international conferences and cooperation. 
      With the development of the University, the SIST family grows bigger and bigger. By the end of 2016, there are 35 full professors and 55 visiting & adjunct professors. For the faculty development, the next year’s emphasis will be put on the collaboration with other internal and external partners, and design a forward-looking promotion plan consistent with international standards. 
      2016 is also a bumper year for SIST’s research work. 7 PIs were granted the funding like “China Young 1000 Talent” etc. There were altogether 35 papers (from the professors and the students) published on the international magazines or journals, and 75 papers were accepted by all kinds of conferences. There were 7 person-times of international awards and 6 USPs. Prof. Yi Ma had his book “Generalized Principal Component Analysis” published.
      Apart from the in-class courses, SIST also provided the students and professors lots of opportunities to broaden the horizon by holding the seminars, the symposiums and by cooperating with other international universities, which not only let the students communicate with lots of big names but also helped the school and ShanghaiTech to build its brand. 
      SIST took 52 student recruitment seminars in 31 high schools distributed in 15 cities in 2016. There were 53 professors joined the university’s Open-day Program. All these work made good preparations for the final student recruitment: SIST contributed 50% of the undergraduate students of the whole university in 2016. For both the undergraduate program and the postgraduate program, the Curriculum & Teaching adjusted and redesigned the coursed to meet the requirement of building top-quality course seamlessly.   

      The debriefing meeting ended with the 2016 SIST Excellence awarding session: 2016 Excellence in Teaching Award- Sören Schwertfeger & Pingqiang Zhou, 2016 Excellence in Research Award-Boris Houska & Kewei Tu, Special Mention- Yanlin Geng & Yuanming Shi, 2016 Excellence in Servicing Award- Ziyu Shao, 2016 Excellence Staff-Yongxia Shen & Ying Xue.  

                                                                                                                Reporter: Ying Xue