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Project Demonstration of Electric Circuits
Date: 2017/1/7             Browse: 521
      “Electric Circuits”is one of the core courses of Electrical Engineering in SIST, which aims to teach students how to analyze and design basic electric circuits and systems. The course project required the students to build a small yet interesting electric system. 

     The students’ projects included: the recycling lighting LED, the frequency multiplier and divider circuits, the temperature detection and alarm system, the digital thermometer, the DC-DC step-up converter, the hello-robot, the motor controller and the stereo tone controller. All the 128 students presented their work to the course instructor (Prof. Pingqiang Zhou) and the teaching assistants on Jan 5th. Several other EE professor also attended the project demo.

                                                                                                                Reporter: Yajun, Yang

(1)Presentation site

(2)Prof. Zhou asked questions about the digital thermometer project

(3)A student introduced his project of the motor controller to the Prof. Baile Chen and other students

(4)Prof. Cheng Wang asked the students questions

(5)The teaching assistants asked questions

(6)Student’s work:the digital thermometer

(7)Student’s work: temperature detection and alarm system

(8)Student’s work:Hello Robot