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Professor Hao Chen Held an Information Session in Jin Ling High School
Date: 2017/1/2             Browse: 527
      Professor Hao Chen from SIST went to Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province, to promote ShanghaiTech University’s undergraduate program before the year end (Dec. 29, 2016). Jin Ling High School is a provincial-level key high school and also one of the first model high schools assigned by the country’s Ministry of education. There are all together 24 students from this high school recruited by ShanghaiTech University from 2014.

      The information session was highly welcome by the parents, who overfilled the big meeting room before the seminar began at 18:60. The seminar started with the university’s official advertising video which gave all the attendees a deep impression about ShanghaiTech’s education characteristics, its teaching methods and the beautiful campus. With the eagerness of learning much more about the new university, the “students” were wholly absorbed in Prof. Chen’s excellent presentation and took notes on the key points.

      The session ended with the on-site Q&As. The questions put forwards by the parents covered from the recruitment policy to the international cooperation programs and the enterprise practice opportunities etc. Parts of the parents said their children got the opportunity to take the summer camp and ShanghaiTech impressed them a lot and the others expressed their willingness to be enrolled by our university.