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SIST PhD Student Boqi Jia won the Best Paper Award for IEEE Globecom 2016
Date: 2016/12/15             Browse: 877
      Mr. Boqi Jia, SIST’s PhD student, has received the IEEE GLOBECOM 2016 Best Paper Award for his first-authored paper “The Upper Bound of Energy Efficiency for Virtual MIMO System with User Pairing”. This year, the 59th annual IEEE GLOBECOM (IEEE Global Communications Conference 2016) was held from Dec. 4th to Dec 8th in Washington D.C., U.S.A. 

      IEEE GLOBECOM is one of the two flagship conferences of the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc), and is the largest annual gathering of communications engineering professionals. The conference brings together researchers from academia, industry and governments, technical staff and industry management from all over the world. The Best Paper Award of IEEE GLOBECOM is one of the top prizes in communication. This year, 16 best papers were selected from about 2500 submissions according to the research symposia, and Boqi Jia won the unique Best Paper Award in Green Communication System and Network Symposium. Except the best paper awards, there are another 6 papers from SIST’s EES group accepted by the conference.

      In his paper, the user pairing and power allocation problem was investigated in the virtual multiple-input multiple-output (V-MIMO) systems. An upper bound of the energy efficiency under the constraint of spectrum efficiency was established. Based on the location relationship between the maximum energy efficiency and the constraint of spectrum efficiency, a novel spatial approach using the projective constraint analysis was proposed to pursue this upper bound of energy efficiency. This method provides higher efficiency for user pairing to achieve the upper bound and can promote the popularization of user pairing in systems with explosive growing users.