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GeekPie’s Introductory Lectures to Programming Well Received
Date: 2016/12/6             Browse: 853
      On December 4th, First Step in Programming had its first show in SIST’s workspace. This series of well-prepared activities aim at getting the freshmen familiar with the basic concepts of programming, gradually through an easy way.

      Jianzhong Liu, a junior undergraduate student, offered the first lecture. Using the example of the Fibonacci Array, he explained the route from interpreted languages and compiled languages to the process of compiling, linking and loading before the program was finally executed. The lecture was different from the traditional in-class one, making it more attractive. In this 2-hour activity, a huge number of enthusiastic participants came, which was far more than the organizers had expected.

      Since the founding of GeekPie, several series of introductory lectures are being given every year. These lectures, such as A Glance at Linux (2014), Hardware Design (2014), The Mystery of Math (2015, series), Network Communication (2015, series), First Step in Programming (2016), and Learning Group of Technical Department (LGTD, 2016), are very popular among the students.

      As expected, the next show of First Step in Programming, as well as several learning groups, are coming soon.

                                                                  Privided By Henan Ni, Wentao Lv, Yi You, Yanlin Geng