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SIST Students Won Prizes in Winter HackPWN Car Hacking Contest
Date: 2016/11/28             Browse: 666
      2016 SyScan360 Information Security Conference was held in Shanghai on November 24th. Security experts and top hackers from China, USA, UK, Brazil, Germany and other countries participated in this important conference. And Winter HackPWN Car Hacking Contest is one of the most exciting featured activities of this conference. 
      The Winter HackPWN Car Hacking Contest provides an opportunity for the contestants to compete using their knowledge of automotive electronics. It aims to show how automotive electronic modules work together and call on automobile manufacturers to pay attention to security issues. The contestants are required to hack into the vehicle control panel functions and control the alarm lights, such as flashing, whistling, door opening, steering. One score is awarded for one function accordingly.
      After a series of selections, Geek Pie Association at ShanghaiTech University was invited to send 2 teams to participate the contest.
      At the very beginning of the competition, the King team, consisting of Yifei Shen, Yang Zhou and Qi Qin, solved the first question in just two minutes and successfully hijacked the dashboard of the car, becoming the first team to complete a single project. During the next one hour, five teams started the fierce competition. At first Wentao Lv, Xiting Zhao from our school solved a lot of the problems quickly and were ranked top two. Then, King team worked hard to compete for the top two. In the last hour, the rank reached a deadlock.
      At the end, the King team finished 23 of 24 missions and won the third place with a total score of 360.
      After the competition, the participants of the conference expressed their appreciation to the teams from our school.

                                                                                              -- Provided By Henan Ni, Qi Qin