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What I want to create is the Simulated-Human-Vision VR techniques
Date: 2016/7/22             Browse: 509

      Dr Jingyi Yu, a noted professor of ShangHaiTech University (SHTU), gave an invited lecture on Jun. 7. Titled “Light Field: The technique to distort reality”, his talk at the eighth ZaoJiu Talk Events examined surprising links between human vision system, Virtual Reality (VR) and Light Fields rendering methods.

      Before exploring the VR techniques, Dr. Yu gave a brief introduction about his experience both in academy and industry. As one of the leading experts in the VR field today, Dr. Yu received his B.S. from Caltech in 2000 and Ph.D. degree in EECS from MIT in 2005. He is currently working as a full professor in the CS department in SHTU.

      Dr. Yu proposed that VR should not only enable 360-degree panorama but also simulating the human vision system. He mentioned that current users are expecting far more than the traditional 360-panorama effects provided by most VR glasses in the market, due to the fact that what we see in the VR glasses is always somewhat different from what we see in the reality. Specifically, VR should find solutions to tackle three challenging problems, that is, barely stereo effects, none dynamical refocusing and none motion parallax. Next, Dr. Yu provided his light fields solutions. He predicted that as the developing of light field techniques, we can achieve the equal emulation effects between VR and AR, which makes it hard to tell virtual scenes from reality. Dr. Yu ended his lecture with his suggestions to the future VR, that is, “Follow your eye, but see with your heart.”

      “Zao Jiu”, supported by Shanghai Xingshu Info-Tech Co., Ltd, is a stage for facilitating thoughts with the best creativity and best insight word widely. The full video of Dr. Yu’s talk can be found in