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Selected Topics in Network Coding
Date: 2016/7/8             Browse: 702

Selected Topics in Network Coding

Speaker: Zongpeng Li

Time: Jul 8, 10:00am - 11:00am.

Location: Room 310, Teaching Center


Network coding is a relatively new research area at the intersection of information theory and computer science. Its basic idea is to encourage information mixing in the middle of a network. This talk will review selected topics in network coding that the speaker has been involved with in the past 14 years or so. These include network coding in undirected networks, multiple-unicast network coding, multicast network coding and field sizes, network coding in planar networks, and more.


李宗鹏1999年毕业于清华大学计算机系。2001年和2005年在多伦多大学分别获得硕士和博士学位,其后任教于加拿大卡尔加里大学。研究方向包括计算机网络,网络编码和云计算。在相关方向发表期刊和会议论文100多篇,其中包括中国计算机学会推荐的CCF A类论文53篇。


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