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Research at High Speed Integrated Circuits and Systems Lab at UC Davis
Date: 2016/7/12             Browse: 572

Research at High Speed Integrated Circuits and Systems Lab at UC Davis

Speaker: Q. Jane Gu

Time: Jul 12, 3:30pm - 4:30pm.

Location: Room 310, Teaching Center


This talk will introduce the research at High Speed Integrated Circuits and Systems Lab at UC Davis under the direct of Prof. Jane Gu. Research in our lab focuses on high speed integrated circuits and systems design, including RF/mm-Wave/sub-mm Wave/THz circuits/systems in CMOS technology and beyond. We are excited in the research to boost circuit speed, lower power consumption and enhance circuit reliability for various application areas, including high speed wireless/wire-line communications, imaging and sensing systems, interconnect etc. This talk focuses on two topics: THz Interconnect and On-Chip Phase Noise Filter.

THz Interconnect, leveraging its unique spectrum position, holds the potential to utilize the benefits of both electrical interconnect’s low cost, high scalability processes and optical interconnect’s low loss channels. Therefore, it is promising to boost all the three key metrics of interconnect: bandwidth density, energy efficiency, and low cost, to address the long-standing issue challenges. This talk will discuss the design of both active and passive components for THz Interconnect.

Phase noise is the ultimate performance limits for electronics systems, such as SNR of receivers BER of digital communications, resolution of data converters. This talk will also present our delay line discriminator PD/CP based phase noise filter circuit, which demonstrates the up to 16 dB phase noise suppression with the sensitivity of -116 dBc/Hz at 1 MHz offset for 10 GHz clock.


Q. Jane Gu received Ph.D. from University of California, Los Angeles in 2007. After graduation, she has worked in the industry for a short period. From August 2010 to August 2012, she was an assistant professor at University of Florida. Since August 2012, has joined University of California, Davis as an assistant professor. Her research interest includes high efficiency, low power interconnect, RF/mm-wave/THz integrated circuits and SoC design techniques, as well as integrated THz systems for communication, radar and imaging. She is the co-recipient of 6 conference best paper awards, including most recent Best Student Paper Award, 2nd Place Winner from IMS2016. She is the recipient of 2013 NSF Career Award and 2015 College of Engineering Outstanding Junior Faculty Award.

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