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Data-driven smart data center infrastructure
Date: 2016/6/23             Browse: 591

Data-driven smart data center infrastructure

Speaker: Wei Xu

Time: Jun 23, 3:30pm - 4:30pm.

Location: Room 316, H2 Building


In this talk, I will discuss about our recent research on smart data center infrastructures, especially data center power and networking. For networking, we will present our work on a 12-rack, 180-server DCN using multiwavelength switching and interconnection testbed. We implement real-time network traffic and per-link utilization monitoring, and full-stack optimization by jointly optimizing optical switching and network flow routing. We show that the data driven approach significantly improves both data center network and wide-area network performance. For data center power, we show that using probabilistic control based on workload data, we can allocate more machines into a data center given a fixed power capacity, without any performance disturbances to existing applications. The presentation is based on our recent publications on EuroSys, Sigcomm, OFC and other conferences and workshops.


Wei Xu is an assistant professor at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences of Tsinghua University in Beijing. He received my Ph.D from UC Berkeley in 2010 and his advisors are Prof. David Patterson and Prof. Armando Fox. He have a broad research interest in distributed system design and big data. His current projects include data center networking, system management and debugging, large scale system for machine learning and data mining, as well as various big data applications.  He is the director of Open Compute Project (OCP) Certification Lab in China, and also the director of international partnership for the MOE Research Center for Online Education.


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