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Matching Paths in Topological Maps
Date: 2016/5/21             Browse: 532

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Soren Schwertfeger and Tianyan Yu


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Matching Paths in Topological Maps


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Topological maps have many applications in robotics. Matching two topological maps from the same environment can be used for map merging, place detection, map evaluation and other purposes. In this paper we present an approach to match two corresponding edges from two Topology Graphs to each other based on the actual path with which the vertices of the edges are connected in the underlying 2D grid maps. We perform experiments with two artificial maps as well as with four maps from the RoboCup Rescue WorldCup 2010.


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The conference is sponsored by the IFAC Technical Committee 7.5 on Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles (IAV) and technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. IFAC is the International Federation of Automatic Control, a multinational federation of member organizations with the purpose to promote science and technology of control in the broadest sense in all systems.