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SIST Seminar on Introduction to Information Science and Technology
Date: 2016/4/2             Browse: 862

SIST held a seminar on the course of Introduction to Information Science & Technology in the afternoon of March 25, 2016.  President Jiang Mianheng, Vise-president Yin Jie, Vice-president Lu Xionggang, the faculty representatives from the other schools and all the SIST staff attended the seminar.

On behalf of the teaching committee of SIST, Professor Chen gave an introductory presentation about the course. Professor Chen also introduced the contents arrangement of the course of last semester (2015) and demonstrated the students’ assignments. Finally, he introduced the adjusted content of the course for the semester of 2016, which was based on the feedback from both students and the Advisory Board.

    Introduction to information science and technology course covers the following four aspects: program design, robotics, circuit, signal & system, which are combined systematically. The course design can not only deepen the students’ understanding but also stimulate their studying interest. The SIST set the course to A&B classes to meet the students’ different requirements. The A class and B class will have different assignments and course requirements, allowing the students from different schools to choose the course based on their own criteria.  At the end of the seminar, Professor Chen answered all the questions put forward by the attendees. All the attendees gave positive feedback to the course design.