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Model Predictive Control: Stability and its Application to Non-holonomic Robots
Date: 2016/3/4             Browse: 699

Speaker: Karl Worthmann

Time: Mar 4, 4:30pm - 5:30pm.

Location: Room 306, Teaching Center


Model predictive control (MPC) has attracted considerable interest during the past two decades due to its ability to deal with multiple inputs, constraints, and nonlinear system dynamics. To this end, a sequence of finite horizon optimal control problems is iteratively solved in order to generate a feedback loop. In this talk the resulting MPC closed loop is reinterpreted as an approximation of an infinite horizon optimal control problem and then investigated with respect to stability and performance. The deduced results are applied to non-holonomic robots.


Karl Worthmann is an assistant professor (Juniorprofessor) at TU Ilmenau in Germany. He received his PhD in mathematics from the university of Bayreuth in 2011. Karl Worthmann is working in the area of nonlinear systems and control theory with a particular focus on model predictive control and sampled-data systems.


SIST-Seminar 16007