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Modelling and computation of pilot wave-bouncing droplet dynamics in a Faraday problem
Date: 2016/1/19             Browse: 813

Speaker: Paul Milewski

Time: Jan 19, 4:00pm - 5:00pm.

Location: Room 310, Teaching Center


Recent experiments by two groups, Yves Couder (Paris) and John Bush (MIT) have shown experimentally that droplets will bounce on the surface of a vertically vibrated bath (instead of coalescing with it), generating a damped Faraday wavefield at every bounce. As the forcing is increased, a pitchfork symmetry breaking bifurcation leads to a "walking" state whereby the bouncing droplet is guided by the self-generated wavefield: the droplet’s pilot wave. Once this state is achieved a large array of interesting dynamics ensues with surprising analogies to quantum mechanical behaviour. The system appears to show that probabilistic quantum behaviour can arise from a physical deterministic system. We present a coupled particle-fluid model that can can be used simulate the fascinating dynamics of this problem. This is joint work with John Bush, Andre Nachbin (IMPA) and Carlos Galeano-Rios (IMPA).


2011—Present, Professor of Mathematics,University of Bath, UK 1995—2012, Professor of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA 2008—2009, Professeur Invite, école Normale Supérieure de Cachan,France

1993—1995, Gabor Szego Assistant Professor, Stanford University, USA 1989—1993, PhD, Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA 1984—1989, BS, MS, Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, Boston University, USA

Research Interests:

Applied Mathematics, Geophysical Fluid Mechanics, Nonlinear Waves, Free-surface Problems, Mathematical Biology.


SIST-Seminar 16004