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Collective Intelligence of Distributed Problem Solvers and Multiagent Systems
Date: 2015/1/7             Browse: 858

Speaker:Prof. Dr. Stefan Kirn

Time: Jan 7, 1:15-2:45pm

Location: Room 220, Building 8, Yueyang Road Campus


The seminar talk discusses challenges of and potential solutions for a practical definition of the collective intelligence of multiagent systems. The question is illustrated in fig. 1.

The first part of the talk presents the basic con-cepts of intelligent software agents, distributed problem solvers, and multiagent systems. The second part discusses the interaction of soft-ware agents from an AI perspective: dividing and sharing search spaces, sharing (or not?) of search-related knowledge, collaborative search. Part III, the main part, introduces into the field of collective intelligence of distributed problem solvers and MAS. Examples are used to illus-trate basic problems, and to discuss potential solutions. Part IV summarizes the results and gives an outlook to further research.

Fig. 1: Global knowledge depends upon communication topology


Prof. Dr. Stefan Kirn holds diploma degrees in management science, and in computer science. He recieved a Ph.D. in computer science from university of Hagen (1991) and did his habilitation in information systems at university of Münster (1995). From 1995 - 2003 he was a ful professor at technical univ. of Ilmenau (Germany). Since 2003, he is affiliated as a ful professor to university of Hohenheim/Stuttgart (Germany).

From 2006-2012, he had been chair of the board of the Hohenheim Centre for Research on Inno-vation and Services (FZID – Currently, he is head of the FZID Competence Center of Information Systems and Communication Technologies.

His main research areas are theoretical foundations of intelligent software agents and multiagent systems, and the application of agent/multiagent technologies in relevant industrial areas like industry 4.0, big/smart data, and fully automated cars. Stefan Kirn had been the initiator and coor?dinator of a 6 years German Research Foundation priority program on business applications of agent technology (2000-2006). Since more than ten years, he serves regularly as a coordinator and/or chief scientist on the board of numerous national and European collaborative academic / industry research projects.

Stefan Kirn has published more than hundred peer reviewed international publications, is author and editor of about 10 books on agent/multiagent technology, and serves on the editorial board of several journals in information systems.                                                                        

                      SIST-Seminar 14049