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Majors and Degrees
Date: 2014/6/2             Browse: 2859

The School of Information Science and Technology currently offers Masters and PhD degrees in four main directions: Computing Theory and Software, Computer Systems and Applications, Information Theory and Systems, Electronic Devices and Integrated Systems:

  • Major in Computing Theory and Software includes areas such as: Theory of Computation, Complexity Theory, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Operating Systems, Software Development and Engineering, Distributed and Parallel Computing, and related areas.

  • Major in Computer Systems and Applications includes areas such as: Computer Systems and Networks, Computer System Security, Applications in Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and related areas

  • Major in Information Theory and Systems includes areas such as: Information Theory and Foundation, Control Systems and Theory, Communication Systems and Theory, Digital Signal Processing, Remote Sensing and Networking, High-dimensional Massive Data Analysis Theory and Applications, and related areas.

  • Major in Electronic Devices and Integrated Systems includes areas such as: Integrated Circuit Design, Power Electronics, Semi-conductor material and devices, Photo-electronics, Microware, Computer Architectures and Designs, and related areas.  

Students in each major will receive solid training in both theoretical foundation and major courses as listed in the following table. Both Masters and PhD students will be supervised to conduct state of the art research in their respective areas, as part of their graduation criteria.  

Major Areas Courses ID Courses
Theoretical Foundation SI231 Matrix Analysis
SI211 Numerical Analysis
SI214 Numerical Methods for PDEs
SI221 Graph Theory
SI241 Probability and Stochastic Processes
SI251 Convex Optimization
Computing Science CS230 Operating Systems
CS240 Algorithm Design and Analysis
CS252 Foundations of Cryptography
CS272 Computer Vision II
CS271 Computer Graphics II
CS280 Deep Learning
CS281 Artificial Intelligence
CS282 Machine Learning
CS283 Robotics
Information Theory and Systems EE251 Signal Detection and Estimation
EE252 Compressive Sensing
EE261 Linear Systems II
EE240 Digital Communications
EE250 Digital Signal Processing
EE241 Wireless Communications
EE243 Channel Coding Theory
Electronic Devices and Systems EE212 Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits
EE213 Advanced Digital Integrated Circuits
EE220 Physics of Semiconductor Devices
EE222 Optoelectronic Devices
EE234 Antenna Theory and Design
EE235 Radio-frequency Electronics
EE270 Power Electronics
EE272 Renewable Energy Systems