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Broadband Telecommunications Technologies and Management
Date: 2014/5/7             Browse: 915

Speaker: Prof. Riaz Esmailzadeh, CMU, USA

Time: May 7th, 3:15pm to 4:15pm

Location:  ShanghaiTech, Building 8, Room 220


The focus of this lecture is on broadband telecommunications: both fixed (DSL, fibre) and wireless (1G-4G) from technological as well as business and policy viewpoints. For telecom students it is a unique opportunity as the lecture portrays the importance of telecom technologies and what they mean in terms of private and public business. It moreover introduces the students to policy challenges faced by different players in the industry: from manufacturers to operators to content providers; and how governments may intervene to ensure more efficient service provision.

A brief introduction is followed by analysis tools and examples which introduce students to skills for analysing and evaluating competing telecom technologies.  Based on these one may analyse the business aspects followed by analysing how government deal with rolling out of broadband networks; and contents (such as text, audio and video) delivered over them. The lecture introduces students to careers as business analysts: professionals who can evaluate products from three different viewpoints of technology-business and policy and predict how successful they may become. The lecture draws on the personal work of the presenter as well research being carried out at Carnegie Mellon University.


Prof. Riaz Esmailzadeh has been active in the ICT industry for more than 26 years, from a research engineer, to research manager, entrepreneur, educator and consultant. In this time he has been employed by, or consulted for a number of companies including Apple, Docomo, Ericsson, Hitachi, Samsung, Softbank and Telstra. He co-founded two IT start ups in Japan which raised more $100 million in funding and which ultimately failed! Over this period Riaz has applied for 50 patents, 26 of which have been granted. A number of these patents are essential to the operation of 3G mobile networks. He is also an author of more than 50 peer reviewed articles and three books on broadband communications technology and management. Riaz and his supervisor were the first to propose the TDD mode of CDMA mobile communications in 1991 as part of his PhD thesis. The principles he developed have formed the basis for the TDD mode of 3GPP standards.

Riaz has also been asked to represent several companies as expert witness in patent litigations. The most prominent was in 2012-3, when he represented Apple Inc. as a technology expert witness in their litigation vs. Samsung at the federal court in Australia.  Since August 2006 Riaz has been with Carnegie Mellon University, where he is currently an Associate Professor, focusing on Information Technology and Management. He teaches topics on Telecom, E- and M-Commerce, and entrepreneurship. He has also conducted industry seminars on the evolving role of CIOs.

Riaz can be reached on

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