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Energy Harvesting Research in University of Southampton - From machinery to textile applications
Date: 2014/5/7             Browse: 1240

Speaker: Dr Dibin Zhu

Time: May. 7, 16:50 - 17:50,

Space: ShanghaiTech, Building 8, Room 220


This talk will provide an overview of recent development in energy harvesting research in Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) in the University of Southampton. ECS has over 15 years’ experience in energy harvesting research which ranges from kinetic energy harvesting from vibration and airflow to thermoelectric energy harvesting and solar cells. Its energy harvesting research has resulted in the formation in 2004 of Perpetuum Ltd, a spin-out company supplying the world’s leading vibration energy harvesting devices.  This talk covers a variety of topics including linear electromagnetic and piezoelectric vibration energy harvesting, broadband vibration energy harvesting, airflow energy harvesting as well as recent development in advanced materials and their applications in energy harvesting for textile applications. 


Dr Dibin Zhu is currently a Senior Research Fellow in Electronics and Electrical Engineering Group, School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK.

He received BEng in Information and Control Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, in 2004. He joined the University of Southampton in October 2004 where he was awarded MSc in RF Communication Systems in 2005 and PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2009, respectively. His PhD topic was "Methods of frequency tuning vibration-based micro-generators".  His research interests include energy harvesting from various sources, e.g. vibration, wind, human movement, solar, RF etc and their applications as well as advanced materials for energy harvesting applications. He has been working on two EU FP7 projects, two EPSRC projects, two TSB projects and several industry funded consultancy projects since 2009. He has over 40 publications including 4 book chapters. He was technical reviewer and session chair for several international conferences and workshops.