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论机器意识的可能和实现 On the Rise of Machine Consciousness
Date: 2018/10/12             Browse: 83

Speaker:     Professor Jun Wang, UCL

Time:          11:00-12:00, Oct 12

Location:    Room 1C-101, SIST Building

Host:          Prof. Yang Yang




In this presentation, Professor Wang will review the latest development in AI and Machine Learning, and discuss his views on the general AI roadmap. He will look back the current status of human consciousness research in cognitive science and point out the advantages and disadvantages of current Machine Learning methods of intelligent decision making. In the final part of the presentation, he will present the potential links between two disciplines and give some latest attempts and industry applications in reinforcement learning research.


汪军,伦敦大学学院(UCL)计算机系教授,互联网科学与大数据分析专业主任。主要研究智能信息系统,主要包括数据挖掘、计算广告学、 推荐系统、机器学习、强化学习、生成模型等,已发表了100多篇学术论文, 多次获得最佳论文奖,在信息检索领域的权威出版物Foundation and Trends of Information Retrieval上出版两本学术专著。是国际公认的计算广告学 和智能推荐系统专家。2007年,在美国获得了由微软“超越搜索—语义计算 和互联网经济学奖”。此外,他还是2014年Yahoo! FREP的获奖者之一,ACM SIGIR/CIKM的领域主席,Springer Journal of Big Data的编委,也因在计 算广告数据科学的工业应用方面的突出成就,获得UCLB One-to-Watch Award 2016。


Professor Jun Wang obtained his PhD degree in Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands; MSc degree in National University of Singapore, Singapore; and Bachelor degree in Southeast University, Nanjing, China. Currently, he is Chair Professor of Data Science, Computer Science, University College London, and Founding Director of MSc Web Science and Big Data Analytics. He is also Co-founder and Chief Scientist in MediaGamma Ltd, a UCL spin-out focusing on AI for intelligent audience decision making. His team won the first global real-time bidding algorithm contest with 80+ participants worldwide. He was a recipient of the Beyond Search Semantic Computing and Internet Economics award by Microsoft Research and also received Yahoo! FREP Faculty award. He has served as an Area Chair in ACM CIKM and ACM SIGIR. He was a technical advisor for startups such as Last.Fm, Passiv Systems, Massive Analytic, Context Scout, and Polecat, and had various projects with BT, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Alibaba etc.

SIST-Seminar 18076