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Implementation of 5S (CANDO) for Workplace Management
Date: 2018/9/28             Browse: 33

Speaker:     Prof. Man Wey Leung

Time:          9:00—11:00, Sep 28

Location:    Room 1A-200, SIST Building

Host:          Yu Zhou


With the ever changing economic climate, many organizations are periodically adjusting their resources to align with business strategy. This often results in the need to achieve more work with fewer resources. In order to remain successful, businesses must become more efficient, reduce waste and thereby reduce cost. We must find ways to do what we are currently doing in less time and at a lower cost. To accomplish these goals one has to start with efficient and effective workplace management, be it in office environment, in laboratories/workshops and in factory work surroundings.

One way we can accomplish this is through the use of 5S Principles. The 5S Principles are very effective at identifying and eliminating waste and increasing efficiency.

5S Methodology is originated from Japan, the letter “S” stands for five Japanese words

Seiri / Sort: Separating of the essential from the nonessential items

Seiton / Straighten: Organizing the essential materials where everything has its place

Seiso / Shine: Cleaning the work area

Seiketsu / Standardize: Establishing a system to maintain and make 5S a habit

Shitsuke / Sustain: Establishing a safe and sanitary work environment (Safety) 

The acronym CANDO (easier to be interpreted by 5S users) stands for Cleaning up, Arranging, Neatness, Discipline and Organization.

This seminar aims to explain the fundamentals elements of implementing 5S (CANDO) and to maintain it constantly and consistently.


Dr. Manwey Joseph Leung is a manufacturing/education professional with 40 plus years of practicing experience. Graduated in Hatfield Polytechnic and University of Hertfordshire(UK)for his BSc and MSc degrees and PhD degree in Bremen University (Germany).  

Professional qualifications include:

Chartered Electrical Engineer, Senior Member of Chinese Mechanical Engineers Society,

Member of Institute of Management, Member of Institute of Engineering & Technology

From 1974 has worked for 20 years in European Industries including Black & Decker Plc companies in UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Ireland; other position as Head Industrial Engineer for Lucas Diesel System (UK).

From1994 worked for Hong Kong Vocational Training Council to develop and deliver teaching and training materials for manufacturing engineers, also act as Industrial consultant for manufacturing industries in South China.

From 2006 onwards has worked as professor for University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (Engineering faculty and Shanghai Institute for Minimal Invasive Therapy), also act as technical directors for various Chinese manufacturing companies.

Currently employ as Technical Director for LipHing Metal Manufacturing Ltd., responsible for engineering matters related to medical equipment design and manufacture.

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