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Computing & AMD ROCm Deep Learning Ecosystem
Date: 2018/7/30             Browse: 59

Speaker:     Dr. Jian Yang

Time:          14:30—15:30, July 30

Location:    Room 1A-200, SIST Building


Computing has long history even thousands years before  Pythagoras theorem. Computing made big progress after Sir Isaac Newton had invented differential and integral calculus. In the past,  many computing machines were invented such as abacus, calculating rule and Hand Computingmachine. Von Neumann computer opens a new era of computing. Let us have a tour through latest computing machine.



Jian Yang  got Ph.D from Zhejiang University in 2002.  He joined several IC companies ,  Trident Multimedia Technology, XGI,  Centrality Communication Co. Ltd, S3 Graphics and  ATI for his early expeirence . Now He acted as AMD Follow on GPU Architect, Modeling and Machine Learning Ecosystem.