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Blockchain based Cloud Computing and iExec Blockchain Ecosystem
Date: 2018/7/9             Browse: 67

Speaker:     Victor Bonhomme. iExec

Time:          13:30—14:30, July 9 

Location:    Room 1C-502, SIST Building

Host:          Prof. Mingtuo Zhou


The presentation (from the team iExec) will focus on Blockchain technology, the involved security mechanisms, as well as the Blockchain based iExec ecosystem.


Victor is a software engineer, graduated from INSA of Lyon. Thanks to many years of working experience as the former CTO in a startup revolutionizing the entertainment industry in China, he knows best how to bootstrap projects facing thousands of users, meeting high requirements in terms of user experience and scalability. Lately, when in charge of the software stack of a quantitative hedge fund in Shenzhen, he developed an expertise in building robust and heavy-load resistant software that you can entrust with the delicate task of moving millions of dollars around, day and night, and still getting a peaceful sleep.

SIST-Seminar 18063