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Complex Dynamics of Faraday Pilot Waves and Quantum Mechanical Analogies
Date: 2018/6/22             Browse: 61

Speaker:     Prof. Paul Milewski. University of Bath, UK

Time:          16:00—17:00, June 22 

Location:    Room 1A-200, SIST Building


Faraday pilot waves are a newly discovered hydrodynamic structure that consists a bouncing droplet which creates, and is propelled by, a Faraday wave. These pilot waves can behave in extremely complex ways and result in dynamics with features that mimic observed quantities in quantum mechanics, and yet are purely deterministic. I will show some of this fascinating behaviour, and will present and analyse a surface wave-droplet fluid model that captures many of the features observed observed in experiments, focussing on the statistical emergence of complex states.



1989-1993 Ph.D., Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1984-1989 B.S., M.S., Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, Boston University

Academic Positions

2011-present Professor and Head of Department, University of Bath, UK

1995-2012 Professor of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1993-1995 Gabor Szego Assistant Professor, Stanford University

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