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Meshee – An SDK Platform to Actualize Fog Computation
Date: 2018/5/30             Browse: 72

Speaker:     Dr. Ye Wu. Meshee Technology Ltd.

Time:          11:00—12:00, May 30 

Location:    Room 1C-502, SIST Building

Host:          Prof. Xiliang Luo


Fog computation is rising rapidly due to its unrivaled advantages over cloud computation. Meanwhile, diverse smart terminals powered by operating systems (e.g., Android, iOS and Windows), as in cloud computation economy, will be the most valuable networking units in fog computation economy. Therefore, enabling fog computation functionality on smart terminals is more and more becoming the key factor to make fog computation a real success. It is exactly what Meshee SDK platform offers. Meshee SDK platform is capable of building a free Meshee network, which can cover an area of 400-hundred-meter-diameter, interconnect ~100 smart terminals and support end-to-end bandwidth up to ~100Mbps. Endowed with the aforementioned networking capabilities, using Meshee SDK to actualize fog computation, e.g., fog sharing of live videos and files, will become impressively easy. Furthermore, large coverage of lots of connected terminals and high bandwidth of Meshee networking are also very useful to smart IoT applications. In order to make fog computation readily useful for everybody/everything and industrialize fog computation more rapidly, Meshee SDK platform is open to developers to actualize their own fog computation Apps.


Ye Wu now takes the role of CEO of Meshee Technology Ltd. He acquired the PhD degree in University of Liverpool, UK in 2008. In the same year, Dr. Wu received Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad due to his contribution for wireless communications. Before setting up Meshee Technology Ltd., Dr. Wu worked in NEC research lab and Huawei Technologies for over 9 years, where his research and development experience on wireless networking covers PHY layer and higher layer of diverse standards (e.g., 5G/LTE/802.1x/). In his research area, Dr. Wu has filed over 100 PCT/US/CN IPRs with half of them already granted. He also represented NEC and Huawei as the delegates in IEEE and 3GPP standardization organizations. Over the past 6 years, Dr. Wu had led several teams in Huawei and had

worked with worldwide academic/industrial partners to contribute in the industrialization process of LTE/5G. Dr. Wu now is setting up a start-up company of Meshee Technology Ltd., which aims the innovation of next generation wireless networking technologies and their applications, such as fog computation, block chain on networking and AI networking.

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