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Image reconstruction of fluorescence molecular tomography
Date: 2018/5/25             Browse: 138

Speaker:     Prof. Wuwei Ren

Time:          15:00—16:00, May 25 

Location:    Room 1A-200, SIST Building

Host:          Prof. Xin Lou & Fei Gao


Fluorescence molecular tomography (FMT) has become an attractive technology for biomedical research providing information on molecular processes in vivo. FMT reconstruction requires solving the inverse problem in an iterative manner, which involves forward modelling of photon propagation in tissue and deriving optical parameters of the tissue (absorption and scattering coefficients, fluorescent dye distribution). Here, we propose an integrated platform that allows for  1) protocol optimisation via virtual FMT, i.e., simulation of excitation and emission maps for arbitrary source and detector locations, 2) control of data acquisition during real FMT experiments and 3) fast and robust FMT reconstruction considering tissue heterogeneity and irregular shape using prior MRI information. The performance of the software is demonstrated in phantom experiments and in vivo mouse studies.


Wuwei Ren received his B.S. degree (2010) in Biomedical Engineering at Zhejiang University, China and M.S. degree (2012) in a joint program of Medical Imaging with Royal Institute of Technology and Karolinska Institute, Sweden. In Sep 2012, he joined Prof. Markus Rudin’s group for Molecular Imaging and Functional Pharmacology at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. In Mar 2018, he received his PhD degree on the topic: STIFT-a modular software platform for simulation, optimization and reconstruction in fluorescence molecular tomography. His research interest is development of non-invasive imaging techniques including optical imaging, photo-acoustic imaging and hybrid imaging combining MRI. He received STINT scholarship from Swedish government in 2012.

SIST-Seminar 18028