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From Autonomous Vehicles to Autonomous Mobility: Challenges and Opportunities
Date: 2018/3/29             Browse: 157

Speaker:     Dr. Tao Zhang, Cisco

Time:          Mar 29, 14:00—15:00

Location:    Room 1C-502, SIST Building

Host:          Prof. Yang Yang


Autonomous vehicles are coming. However, many more fundamental challenges remain to be addressed before self-driving vehicles can become practical in real-world environments. Furthermore, enabling vehicles to drive themselves is only the first step toward making them practical and realizing their full potential for advancing mobility and transportation. In addition, autonomous vehicles will bring profound disruptions to technology directions, business models, industry landscapes, policies and regulations. In this talk, I will discuss the challenges we face, the disruptions we may expect, and the opportunities we should seize now for the emerging world of mobility with autonomous vehicles. 


Dr. Tao Zhang, an IEEE Fellow, is a Distinguished Engineer / Senior Director of Cisco Corporate Strategic Innovation Group. He joined Cisco in 2012 as the Chief Scientist for Cisco’s Smart Connected Vehicles business, and has since also been leading initiatives to develop strategies, architectures, technology, and eco-systems for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Fog Computing. Prior to Cisco, he was Chief Scientist and Director of Mobile and Vehicular Networking at Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bell Communications Research or Bellcore). For over 25 years, Tao has been in various technical and executive positions, directing research and product development in vehicular, mobile, and broadband networks and applications. His leadership and technical work have led to ground-breaking results in fiber optic networks, all-IP cellular networks, mobile ad-hoc networks, and vehicular networks; resulting in new technology, standards, and products. Tao holds 50 US patents and has co-authored two books “Vehicle Safety Communications: Protocols, Security, and Privacy” (2012) and “IP-Based Next Generation Wireless Networks” (2004) published by John Wiley & Sons. Dr. Zhang co-founded, and is serving as a Board Director for, the Open Fog Consortium. He is the CIO and a Board Governor of the IEEE Communications Society (2016 and 2017). 

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