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2017 Top 10 Highlights of SIST @ ShanghaiTech
Date: 2017/12/21             Browse: 1451
1. SIST Professors Enrolled in Various Prestigious Talent Programs
      Thousand Talents Youth Program: Prof. Xufeng Kou
      Shanghai Excellent Academic Leaders: Prof. Jingyi Yu
      Oriental Scholar Program: Prof. Yajun Ha, Prof. Rui Fan, Prof. Fei Gao
      Pujiang Talent Program: Prof. Xiong Wang, Prof. Cheng Wang
      Youth Oriental Scholar Program: Prof. Hao Wang, Prof. Cheng Wang, Prof. Dengji Zhao
      Shanghai Sailing Plan: Prof. Xufeng Kou, Prof. Baile Chen

2. UCLA-ShanghaiTech Team Captures Mysterious Majorana Particle

      In our universe, everything is made up of elementary particles. Some – like photons - are already well-known; others remain to be unveiled. A group of engineers and scientists has found the “smoking gun” signature of the long sought-after Majorana particle. This research, led by Professor Kang L. Wang at UCLA (also an adjunct professor at SIST), was published in Science on July 21, 2017, in the article “Chiral Majorana fermion modes in a quantum anomalous Hall insulator–superconductor structure.” As one of the corresponding authors, Professor Kou Xufeng, has made significant contribution to this work.

3. SIST Adjunct Faculty Elevated as Academician of CAS and Fellow of IEEE
      Prof. Jianyu Wang, an adjunct professor of SIST, has been elevated to Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
      Prof. Yang Yang, an adjunct professor of SIST, has been elevated to IEEE Fellow.

4. Prof. Jingyi Yu Elected as Program Chair of CVPR 2021
      IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2021 recently selected Chinese scholars as the host team of CVPR 2021 conference. Professor Jingyi Yu, a full professor of SIST, was appointed as Program Chair of the conference.
      CVPR is the top conference in the field of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. CVPR provides an academic communication stage for the world's leading scholars, representing the highest standards in the field of Computer Vision.

5. SSIST 2017 and SWEDCS 2017 were Held Successfully in SIST 
      SIST held its fourth academic Symposium SSIST 2017 and its second workshop SWEDCS 2017 successfully at the new campus of ShanghaiTech during July 2-8, 2017.
      The theme of SSIST 2017 is Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Computer Security. The SSIST 2017 invited Professor Bernd Girod, Professor Narendra Ahuja, Professor Jitendra Malik, Professor Yann LeCun, and Dr. Harry Shum, etc. 29 speakers gave wonderful presentations to over 700 audiences in the three days. 
      SWEDCS 2017 focuses on the “Intelligent Hardware”. The plenary speakers included Professor Alwyn Seeds, Professor Key May Lau, Professor Kang Wang and Dr. Steve Trimberger, etc. The workshop attracted about 400 audiences in related fields.

6. SIST Undergraduates Performed Well in Professional Competitions
      A SIST team from ShanghaiTech University Geek Pie association, Wentao Lv, Yang Zhou, Zhiqiang Xie, Yincen Xia, has just won the gold award in a Hackathon competition held by KONE in its headquarter Kunshan, Jiangsu from Oct.27-28, 2017.
      All 3 teams from ShanghaiTech won awards at iLab 2nd 49 hours Hackathon held by iLab and supported by INESA, Xuhui District Government and Microsoft (China). VOX team won the first prize, the team members included Yang Zhou, Chenyue Jiang and Cenqing Xia from SIST, ShanghaiTech, Yuchong Pan from UBC, Yiluo Li from UCSB.
      ShanghaiTech students won one Meritorious Winner award and several Honorable Mention awards at the 2017 American Mathematical Contest in Modeling / Interdisciplinary Modeling Contest (MCM / ICM). It was the second participation of ShanghaiTech in this competition. The team of Feiran Jia (an undergraduate student of SIST), Binghan Wu (an undergraduate student of SIST), and Baiqiang Qiang (an undergraduate student of SPST, ShanghaiTech), which is coached by Prof. Ziyu Shao won the Meritorious Winner.

7. SIST Hosted the 15th IEEE SSRR Successfully
      SIST hosted the 15th IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics 2017 (SSRR2017) during October 11-13, 2017, the first time the conference has been held in China. SIST Assistant Professor Sören Schwertfeger served as the General Chair of the three-day conference.
      The conference discussed the application of robotics technology in safety and disaster scenarios and the papers were given by presenters from more than ten different countries. The topics covered various aspects of robotics and automation for safety, security, and rescue applications. Professor Sven Behnke and Professor Satoshi Tadokoro presented the keynote talks.

8. Prof. Laurent Kneip Awarded Honorable Mention for the Marr Prize in ICCV 2017
      At the biannual International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), perhaps the most prestigious conference in computer vision, ShanghaiTech’s SIST had a strong presence. SIST presented six papers on exciting state-of-the-art contributions on light field imagery, fundamental geometry, and artificial intelligence problems such as object and anomaly detection, or visual question answering.
      SIST Professor Laurent Kneip, was awarded honorable mention for the Marr Prize. The Marr Prize is the most prestigious best paper award in the computer vision community, and only a handful of papers are being considered once every two years.


9. SIST Graduate Students Won Awards in Top Academic Conferences
      SIST Graduate students Ziheng Zhang and Jia Zheng won the second prize in WebVision challenge hosted by WORKSHOP ON VISUAL UNDERSTANDING BY LEARNING FROM WEB DATA in conjunction with CVPR 2017.
      Ph.D. candidate Yanyu Xu and Research Assistant Junru Wu have been nominated as the finalist of the IJCAI 2017 Distinguished Student Paper Award. The award recognizes their paper "Beyond Universal Saliency: Personalized Saliency Prediction with Multi-task CNN” for their pioneering work in personalized saliency prediction. Only three papers were selected finalists for the award this year.

10. ShanghaiTech Elected to Lead OpenFog Consortium Activities in the Greater China Region
      On January 16, following the election results of the Board of Directors of the OpenFog Consortium, ShanghaiTech Distinguished Professor-in-Residence Yang Yang was appointed Director of the OpenFog Consortium Greater China Region (GCR) Committee.
      On April 24th, The Fog Computing workshop, organized by OpenFog and ShanghaiTech, was held in the auditorium of SIST. Together with the workshop, the OpenFog Consortium Greater China Regional Committee and the Shanghai Institute of Fog Computing Technology (SHIFT) were officially launched. Officials and researchers from ShanghaiTech, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, China Institute of Communications, Intel, CISCO, etc. attended this event.