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Active Matting
Date: 2017/12/1             Browse: 335

Speaker:     Associate Prof. Xin Yang,  DLUT

Time:          Dec  1  ,  10:30  —  11:30

Location:    Room 1A-200, SIST Building

Host:          Prof. Jingyi Yu


Image matting, which is an ill-posed problem, requires a user input trimap or some strokes to obtain an alpha matte of the foreground object. A ?ne user input is essential to obtain a good result, but it is both tedious and time consuming. In this talk, I will introduce our work on image matting problem named as active matting model. In active matting model, we explore the intrinsic relationship between the user input and matting algorithm to address the problem of where and when the user should provide the input. Our aim is to discover the most informative sequence of regions for user input in order to produce a good alpha matte with minimum labeling efforts. The proposed framework involves human in the loop by sequentially detecting informative regions for trivial human judgement. Comparing to traditional matting algorithms, the proposed model requires much less efforts and can produce satisfactory results with around 10 regions.


杨鑫,大连理工大学计算机科学与技术学院副教授,入选中国科协“青年人才托举工程”,国家“香江学者”支持计划,辽宁省“百千万人才工程”,大连市“青年科技之星”。本科毕业于吉林大学计算机科学与技术专业,同年进入浙江大学-美国加州大学戴维斯分校计算机科学与技术专业联合培养,获工学博士学位,曾在香港城市大学进行博士后研究。主要研究方向为图形图像处理、智能机器人技术等。近年来以机器人视觉智能处理为主线,专注于场景三维可视表达、感知与交互的研究,主持军口863项目、国家自然科学基金等项目,成果获得辽宁省自然科学技术成果奖1项(第一完成人)等。是第11届计算机学会会员代表,担任中国图学学会奖励工作委员会秘书长,中国图学学报编委,中国图学学会动漫工程专委会委员,计算机学会计算机视觉专委会委员,中国图像图形学会智能图形专委会委员。承担ACM SIGGRAPH VRCAI 2016 Poster主席,VALSE 2018 Poster主席,ACM SIGGRAPH Asia Symposium on Education 程序委员会委员,China VR 程序委员会委员等学术服务。

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