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Shannon's Information Measures and Markov Structures [2017-04-27]
Life-long Learning in Social Media Analysis [2017-04-27]
面向物联网时代的集成电路工艺技术 [2017-04-24]
A Data Drive Approach for 3D Segmentation [2017-04-18]
Medical Image Detection, Segmentation, and Parsing [2017-04-15]
Cross-Object Coding and Allocation (COCA) in Distributed Storage Systems [2017-04-15]
Retinal Disease Screening from Fundus Imaging [2017-04-10]
Massive MIMO in a Local Area Scenario [2017-04-09]
VLSI Implementation of Fixed-coefficient Digital FIR Filters [2017-04-09]
Digital signal processing for optical coherent transmission systems [2017-04-09]
OpenFog Greater China Region Opening Ceremony [2017-04-01]
New ways of exploiting relay, feedback and cooperation [2017-03-27]
Reasoning in Deep Learning [2017-03-22]
Communication Complexity and Information Complexity [2017-03-10]
VLSI Layout Hotspot Detection: From Feature Optimization, Online Learning, to Deep Learning [2017-03-10]
Sparse Online Learning of Image Similarity with Application to Image Retrieval [2017-02-14]
Heterogeneous transfer learning with applications [2017-02-13]
A Goal-Oriented Reduced Basis Methods-Accelerated Generalized Polynomial Chaos Algorithm [2017-01-14]
Harmonic Analysis and Mitigation Methods for Power Electronics Based Active Power Distribution Systems [2017-01-12]
Value Iteration Network (2016 NIPS Best Paper Award) [2017-01-06]
Tailoring and Manipulating the Topological Order in Thin-film Topological Insulators [2017-01-03]
Skyrmion Topo-tronics [2016-12-30]
Profit-Maximizing Planning and Control of Battery Energy Storage Systems for Primary Frequency Control [2016-12-29]
Design and Synthesis of Approximate Computing Circuits [2016-12-27]
Multi-scale photoacoustic imaging and its biomedical applications [2016-12-27]
Cyber-security, the journey from Formal Methods, Program?Analysis to Data Analytics [2016-12-23]
Robust SFM & SLAM in Challenging Environments [2016-12-21]
Modulus-based Matrix Splitting Methods for Linear Complementary Problem [2016-12-20]
数字眼科图像研究 [2016-12-13]
Antenna Technologies and Future Development Trend for Mobile Device Applications [2016-12-12]
Infinite-dimensional Bayesian Inverse Problems: Theory, Computation and Applications [2016-12-06]
毫米波人体成像技术研究 [2016-12-06]
Enabling Machines to Understand Human Language by Knowledge Graphs [2016-12-05]
Highly-Accurate Two-Frame Optical Flow Algorithm, and Motion Estimation for Autonomous Driving in the Rain [2016-12-02]
On Energy-Harvesting Relay Networks: Full-Duplex and Relay Selection [2016-11-15]
Single Molecule Gene Sequencing with Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Imaging [2016-10-26]
Real-time High-resolution Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging with GPU Parallel Computations [2016-10-21]
III-V Quantum Dot Lasers Monolithcally Grown on Si Platform [2016-10-18]
Channels with Synchronization Errors: Light-Weight Secrecy - A Possible Practical Application [2016-10-13]
An Information Theoretic Approach to Computational Modeling in Engineering and the Sciences [2016-10-10]
Single-Image Super-Resolution using Very Deep Convolutional Networks [2016-09-30]
Membrane Contactors - Modeling and Optimization [2016-09-23]
Regionless Explicit Model Predictive Control [2016-09-23]
Android恶意代码编程技巧浅析 [2016-09-20]
Advanced InP- and GaSb-based light sources for the near to far infrared [2016-09-16]
Bootstrap and Uncertainty Propagation: New Theory and Techniques in Approximate Query Processing [2016-09-14]
Security guaranteed wireless communication under spatial and local Gaussian noise assumptions [2016-09-14]
Towards Scalable Spectral Sparsification of Graph Laplacians and Integrated Circuits [2016-09-08]
深度学习在推荐系统和计算广告中的应用 [2016-08-31]
Graph, Combinatorial Optimization for Wireless Networking [2016-08-29]
Distributed Congestion-Aware Load Balancing in Data Center Networks [2016-08-25]
Limited-Data Driven Inference for Computer Vision [2016-08-19]
Autonomous Robotic Manipulation [2016-08-15]
Mobility-Aware Caching at the Wireless Edge [2016-08-01]
Beyond Structure From Motion: Exploring Structure Regularities for 3D Vision [2016-07-28]
From Statistical Visual Modeling and Computing to Communicative Learning [2016-07-25]
Data-Driven Dynamic Robust Resource Allocation: Application to Efficient Transportation [2016-07-21]
Professor Charles Kao, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and his Nobel prize [2016-07-19]
SHERPA - Smart Collaboration between Humans and Ground-Aerial Robots for improving Rescuing Activities in Alpine Environments [2016-07-12]
Research at High Speed Integrated Circuits and Systems Lab at UC Davis [2016-07-12]
Selected Topics in Network Coding [2016-07-08]
Traitor Deterring Schemes: Using Bitcoin as Collateral for Digital Contents [2016-07-07]
Sparse Linear Models [2016-07-04]
An introduction to Intel Labs and its efforts on wireless communications around 5G [2016-07-04]
Sensitivity analysis, Uncertainty quantification and Parameter Estimation of Complex Biological and Environmental Systems [2016-06-26]
Data-driven smart data center infrastructure [2016-06-23]
Innovated Interaction Screening for High-Dimensional Classification [2016-06-22]
Light-weight Visible Light Positioning [2016-06-22]
A 58.6mW Real-Time Programmable Object Detector with Multi-Scale Multi-Object?Support Using Deformable Parts Model on 1920x1080 Video at 30fps [2016-06-21]
Multicast network coding and field sizes [2016-06-17]
Converging Technologies for Electric/Hybrid Vehicles and More Electric Aircraft Systems [2016-06-14]
Sparse representation for multiscale models and its application for uncertainty quantification [2016-06-13]
Crowdsourced Mobile Video Streaming [2016-06-13]
Recent Work on Image Segmentation and Salient Object Detection [2016-06-03]
When Are Nonconvex Optimization Problems Not Scary? [2016-06-02]
Computational Inference of Emotion in Images [2016-05-30]
How Mid-infrared Photodiodes Save the World? [2016-05-27]
Beyond Efficiency and Power Density - Towards Reliable Power Electronics [2016-05-27]
Switched Reluctance Machine: A Possible Propulsion Solution in Electric, Hybrid Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles [2016-05-24]
Large Spin-Orbit Coupling Semiconductors and Their Spintronics Applications [2016-05-20]
Camera-based Attacks on Android Mobile Devices [2016-05-20]
A Dynamically Bi-Orthogonal Method for Time-Dependent Stochastic Partial Differential Equation [2016-05-09]
Elastic Parity Logging for SSD RAID Arrays [2016-05-06]
On the Optimality of Classifier Chain for Multi-label Classification [2016-05-06]
Practical Methods for Big Data: Trees, Boosting, Hashing, and Near Neighbor Search [2016-05-04]
High-dimensional approximation using equilibrium measures [2016-04-25]
Fabrication oriented geometric design and optimization [2016-04-19]
分布式存储中的协同冗余修复与系统性能优化 [2016-04-14]
Model Predictive Control in Production and Logistics [2016-04-07]
Reasoning in Deep Learning [2016-04-06]
A System Perspective of Power Delivery at Sub-22nm: Modeling, Impact and Solution [2016-03-29]
Practicable Physical-Layer Network Coding [2016-03-25]
The Next Frontier: Man-Machine Symbiosis [2016-03-25]
Energy Harvesting Communications for IoT Wireless Sensors [2016-03-25]
Extended Proxy-Assisted Approach: Achieving Revocable Fine-Grained Encryption of Cloud Data [2016-03-24]
Marginalization is not Marginal: Non-Convex, Bayesian-Inspired Algorithms for Sparse and Low-Rank Estimation [2016-03-23]
Multi-modal RGB-D scene understanding [2016-03-23]
Signal Processing for the Emerging Quaternion-Valued Wireless Communication Systems [2016-03-23]
Light Field Vision [2016-03-18]
Research on 3D acquisition using projector and camera system [2016-03-18]
An Information-Centric Approach to Data Analytics: The New Era to Information Theory, Machine Learning and Signal Processing [2016-03-08]
Stable Radial Distortion Calibration by Polynomial Matrix Inequalities Programming. [2016-03-04]
Model Predictive Control: Stability and its Application to Non-holonomic Robots [2016-03-04]
Modelling and computation of pilot wave-bouncing droplet dynamics in a Faraday problem [2016-01-19]
Blind Interference Alignment with Diversity [2016-01-18]
6D Dynamic Camera Relocalization and Fine-Grained Change Detection [2016-01-15]
Spherical Panoramic Image Processing [2016-01-15]
Adaptive Sketching and Validation for Learning from Large-Scale Data [2015-12-30]
Smart Geometry: from Structure Analysis to Interaction [2015-12-18]
Visual Simulation and Analysis of Fluid Flows [2015-12-17]
Numerical Approximations to Fractional Derivatives and Their Applications [2015-12-11]
Some New Trends in Wireless Communications [2015-11-30]
Saliency Object Detection Via Learning Saliency [2015-11-27]
The Freeze-Frame File System [2015-11-27]
Physics-Based Electron-migration Modeling and Cross-Layer Reliability Management [2015-11-25]
Modelling the human body: from its external appearance to the hidden multiscale level [2015-11-13]
Coding Schemes with Rate-Limited Feedback that Improve over the Nofeedback Capacity for a Large Class of Broadcast Channels [2015-11-02]
Adaptive MCMC for infinite dimensional Bayesian inferences [2015-10-30]
Rank 1 Tensor Approximation for Multi-target and Deformable Tracking [2015-10-21]
From Vision-Realistic Rendering to Vision Correcting Displays [2015-10-16]
Exploit Social Trust for Cooperative Networking: A Social Group Utility Maximization Framework [2015-10-16]
Massive Hybrid Array and Beamforming for Millimeter Wave Communications [2015-10-15]
Efficient Stochastic Collocation Methods for Uncertainty Quantification [2015-09-08]
Complete Dictionary Recovery over the Sphere and Beyond [2015-09-08]
Recent advances in next generation semiconductor devices: Topological insulator and spintronics applications [2015-08-24]
Sparse Optimization Algorithms for Cloud Radio Access Networks [2015-07-30]
Sparse Learning for Big Data [2015-07-23]
Detecting Architectural Debts [2015-07-21]
Energy Efficient Neural Networks on Heterogeneous Hardware [2015-07-20]
Towards a Scalable C-RAN PHY [2015-07-15]
CloudAqua: A Quantitative Approach to Availability in Cloud Services [2015-07-14]
The coming age of digital implementation flow for modern chip designs [2015-07-07]
Nonparametric Detection of Anomalous Data via Maximum Mean Discrepancy [2015-07-02]
无线光通信的机遇与挑战 [2015-07-02]
The Road Ahead for Wireless Technology: Dreams and Challenges [2015-07-01]
Spectrum Management in (5G) Heterogeneous Networks [2015-06-26]
Multivariate mutual information: From secret key agreement to clustering of random variables [2015-06-23]
Feedback Systems using Non-Binary LDPC Codes [2015-06-22]
Active Microwave Metamaterials Incorporating Gain Devices [2015-06-17]
DJI大疆创新:飞起来的梦想 [2015-06-16]
“云-端融合”的互联网分布式系统:从移动互联网到数据中心 [2015-06-04]
Fast local voltage control under limited reactive power in power distribution networks [2015-05-26]
Exploiting the Medical Data Structure for Biomedical Imaging Enhancement [2015-05-26]
3D printing oriented geometric design and optimization [2015-05-21]
Imaging Science and Engineering [2015-05-21]
Energy Harvesting Using a Nonlinear Energy Sink [2015-05-14]
Network Latency Prediction for Personal Devices: from Matrix Completion to Tensor Approximation [2015-05-13]
Weighted Nuclear Norm Minimization and Its Applications to Low Level Vision [2015-05-07]
Crowdsourcing as a Computing Paradigm [2015-05-07]
网络编码迷蝴蝶 [2015-04-30]
Learning to Model Transcription Factor Binding Sites [2015-04-29]
Cognitive Wireless Transmission with RF Energy Harvesting: A New Communication Paradigm [2015-04-24]
Mobile Networks: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow [2015-04-22]
Networks of Shapes and Images [2015-04-20]
Design for Manufacturability and Reliability in Extreme Scaling [2015-04-03]
Signal processing for next generation sequencing data [2015-04-03]
Specific Emitter Identification via Hilbert-Huang Transform [2015-03-19]
D2D Communications Underlying Cellular Networks [2015-01-13]
Collective Intelligence of Distributed Problem Solvers and Multiagent Systems [2015-01-07]
Structured Sensing Matrices in Compressive Sensing [2015-01-06]
Mitigation of Blast, Impact, and Vibration: From Energy Dissipation to Energy Capture [2014-12-30]
Physical Design and Smart Home Cybersecurity: The Marriage of CAD and Cyberphysical System [2014-12-23]
3D Modeling: from Acquisition, Reconstruction, to Understanding [2014-12-18]
The Dynamics of Active Sensing in Social Networks [2014-12-16]
Computational Imaging and Display-Hardware-Software Co-design for Imaging Devices [2014-12-08]
Deep Learning for Face Recognition [2014-12-03]
Demand Response in Smart Grids: The Auction Paradigm [2014-12-01]
Advanced Sparse Representation Models for Image Analysis [2014-11-25]
User-Stash: A Novel System for Minimizing Mobile Data Download Costs and Augmenting the Quality of Experience [2014-11-17]
Introduction to Robotics [2014-11-11]
Micro Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Fabricated with PZT Thin-film Using Aerosol Deposition Method [2014-11-06]
走出象牙塔—以创业为核心的产学研一体化经验体会 [2014-11-05]
Device Evaluation and Advanced Circuit Prototyping with Wide Bandgap Power Devices [2014-11-04]
Imaging Genomics Approach for Cancer Patient Stratification [2014-10-31]
Fault Tolerance and Attack Resilience on Big Data Storage [2014-10-31]
Monitoring and Learning Algorithms for Future Power Grids [2014-10-20]
See All by Looking at A Few: Sparse Modeling for Finding Data Exemplars [2014-10-14]
RNA-Seq Assembly: Fundamental Limits, Algorithms and Software [2014-10-13]
Mobile Data Offloading [2014-10-13]
Data Mining for General Task Resolution: Methodology and Analysis [2014-09-28]
I-Seismograph: Observing and Measuring Internet Earthquakes [2014-09-23]
Virtual Probe: A Statistical Framework for Low-Cost Variability Characterization of Nanoscale Integrated Circuits [2014-09-16]
Joint Power Control and Fronthaul Rate Allocation for Throughput Maximization in Broadband Cloud Radio Access Network [2014-09-10]
Radio Interference Cancellation [2014-09-03]
Title: Interdependent Networking Era: From Cognitive Radio Networks to Vehicle-to-Vehicle Networks [2014-06-25]
Sparse On-Line Data Collections in Wireless Sensor Networks based on Matrix Completion [2014-06-17]
Destructive Research on Mobile Security: Rethinking Security by Construction [2014-06-12]
Light Field Imaging for Fun and Profit [2014-06-11]
Exploiting the Underexploited: New Advances in Optimizing and Controlling Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Networks [2014-06-06]
Optimal CSMA: Theory and Practice [2014-06-03]
In-Band Full Duplex for Wireless Communications – From Echo Cancellation to Self-Interference Cancellation [2014-05-23]
Mining Mobility Relationship from Location Traces [2014-05-16]
The challenges for mechanisms and applications of cyber-physical Systems [2014-05-13]
Mobile Networks As A Cloud Service [2014-05-09]
Energy Harvesting Research in University of Southampton - From machinery to textile applications [2014-05-07]
Broadband Telecommunications Technologies and Management [2014-05-07]
What We Talk about When We Talk about Management [2014-04-22]
Green Heterogeneous Networks: Models, Issues and Separation [2014-04-21]
Low-cost smart antennas for advanced wireless systems [2014-04-14]
Sustainable Silicon: Energy-Efficiency at the Extremes [2014-04-09]
Complex Engineered Networks: An Optimization Perspective [2014-04-01]
Coding Problems in Distributed Data Storage Systems [2014-03-18]
Towards a Grammatical Approach to Artificial Intelligence [2014-03-11]
Power Conversion Circuit Analysis by Extending the Vision of Impedance [2014-03-04]
Numerical Methods for Fast Optimal Control of Mechatronic Systems [2014-02-19]
Computational Imaging for Scene Understanding [2013-12-13]
太赫兹量子器件和应用 [2013-12-04]
Deep Learning for Speech Recognition and Synthesis [2013-11-20]
迈向5G的超蜂窝网络新架构 [2013-11-06]
On The Algorithmic and System Interface of BIG LEARNING [2013-11-04]
Wireless Information and Power Transfer with MISO Beamforming [2013-11-03]
Convex Optimization: From Real-Time Embedded to Large-Scale Distributed [2013-11-01]
Physical-Layer Techniques for Secure Wireless Communications [2013-10-23]
Digital Computation on Stochastic Bit Streams [2013-10-09]
从MEMS发展NEMS的启示 [2013-10-02]
Classifying Computational Couning Problems [2013-09-20]
A Brief Introduction to IC Design and EDA [2013-09-11]
Examining the Landscape and Impact of Android Application Plagiarism [2013-09-04]