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Students won the 3rd prize at ESDC 2018 worldwide [2018-09-07]
ShanghaiTech Hosts SWEDCS 2018 [2018-06-25]
Center for Advanced Power and Energy Systems Initiated Student Colloquium Series [2018-06-11]
2018 ShanghaiTech Workshop on Information, Learning and Decision (SWILD 2018) [2018-05-08]
An undergraduate Cao Qi contributes to the ECCE-Asia as the first author [2018-05-07]
A sophomore student from SIST contributes to the EMBC as first author [2018-05-04]
SIST Undergraduate and Master student won prize in 2018 RoboCup of China [2018-04-27]
2018 Summer School on “Fog Computing”, June 26-29 2018 [2018-04-18]
Professor Ning Cai from Network Science Research Center Won 2018 ACM Sigmobile Test-of-Time Paper Award [2018-03-30]
SIST Held The 2017 Chinese Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems [2018-01-02]
SIST Students Won the "Huawei Cup" for the First Time in China Post-Graduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling [2017-12-29]
2017 Top 10 Highlights of SIST @ ShanghaiTech [2017-12-21]
Prof. Shuo-Yen Robert Li Visit Our School [2017-12-13]
SIST students participated in the 14th ISCC competition [2017-11-23]
Five SIST students were announced to be awarded the national scholarship [2017-11-22]
ShanghaiTech Geek Pie Won Gold Award in Hackpic Games [2017-11-09]
ShanghaiTech University Hosts the International Robotics Conference SSRR 2017 [2017-10-25]
ShanghaiTech Geekpie FPGA Makerspace performs well at Digilent Design Contest [2017-09-19]
Professor Jingyi Yu Elected Program Chair of CVPR 2021 [2017-09-06]
SWEDCS 2017 Was Held Successfully in ShanghaiTech [2017-07-11]
Prof. Xiliang Luo’s Research Group Won “Excellent Paper Award” from IEEE ICUFN 2017 [2017-07-10]
School of Information and Science Technology Held SSIST2017 [2017-07-06]
SIST Students won 1st prize in Hackathon [2017-06-23]
IMEC Visited SIST for Collaborations [2017-06-02]
Drexel University Senior Vice Provost Julie Mostov and BRAVE Group Visited SIST [2017-06-02]
Orientation: Postgraduate Entrance Examination & Studying Abroad [2017-05-31]
Robotics Lab of Prof. Schwertfeger featured in New York Times [2017-05-28]
Industry Salon: Power Electronics Industry Status [2017-05-18]
Prof Kou Funded by Thousand Youth Talents Program [2017-05-10]
SIST Students Performed Well in 2017 American MCM/ICM Contest [2017-05-05]
Successful Workshop Held by OpenFog Consortium Greater China Region [2017-05-05]
PEARL Hiking in Hangzhou [2017-04-27]
The First Working Meeting of the Microelectronics Research Center Was held in SIST [2017-04-17]
ShanghaiTech rescue robotics team performs well at RoboCup China 2017 [2017-04-12]
SIST Students Performed Well in FPGA Maker Winter Camp [2017-03-10]
ShanghaiTech Elected to Lead OpenFog Consortium Activities in the Greater China Region [2017-03-02]
Club ACM held an invitational programming contest [2017-01-19]
Assistant Professor Xufeng Kou and Baile Chen Won 2017 "Shanghai Sailing Plan" [2017-01-18]
SIST Held 2016 Annual Meeting [2017-01-12]
Computer Vision Course Presentation [2017-01-11]
Project Demonstration of Electric Circuits [2017-01-07]
Professor Hao Chen Held an Information Session in Jin Ling High School [2017-01-02]
Professor Yuanming Shi Won the IEEE 2016 SPS Young Author Best Paper Awards [2016-12-16]
SIST PhD Student Boqi Jia won the Best Paper Award for IEEE Globecom 2016 [2016-12-15]
GeekPie’s Introductory Lectures to Programming Well Received [2016-12-06]
SIST will be hosting the 15th IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics (SSRR 2017) [2016-12-05]
SIST Students Won Prizes in Winter HackPWN Car Hacking Contest [2016-11-28]
Prof. Ma Yi Ranks Among World's Most Cited Researchers [2016-11-24]
Three Papers Accepted by the Top Conference in Natural Language Processing [2016-11-15]
SIST Held the First Graduate Forum of Electronic and Electrical Engineering [2016-11-10]
Claude Shannon Centenary Workshop successfully hosted by SIST [2016-10-24]
AMD Held 2017’s First Campus Recruitment Successfully in SIST [2016-10-23]
ShanghaiTech Holds Computer Vision Symposium [2016-09-29]
SIST Students Shanbo Chu and Yanpeng Zhao won second place in the SPICE competition [2016-08-19]
Prof. Yanlin Geng Won 2016 IEEE Information Theory Society Paper Award [2016-07-25]
What I want to create is the Simulated-Human-Vision VR techniques [2016-07-22]
SWEDCS’2016 Workshop Successfully Held by SIST [2016-07-03]
SSIST’2016 Symposium Held at SIST [2016-06-27]
Assistant Professor Qifeng Liao won "Shanghai Young East Scholar" of 2016 [2016-05-27]
Prof. Yuanming Shi has won the IEEE Marconi Prize Paper Award in Wireless Communications [2016-04-09]
Dr. Yuandong Tian from Facebook Visits SIST [2016-04-08]
SIST Seminar on Introduction to Information Science and Technology [2016-04-02]
Modelling the human body: from its external appearance to the hidden multiscale level [2015-11-17]
Sören Schwertfeger Finalist for the SSRR 2015 Best Paper Award [2015-10-27]
From Vision-Realistic Rendering to Vision Correcting Displays [2015-10-22]
Prof. Andrea Goldsmith Visits SIST [2015-07-01]
ShanghaiTech Symposium on Data Science 2015: From Scientific Breakthroughs to Smart Metropolitan [2015-06-29]
SIST co-hold the “2015 Android Talents Workshop” with VIA [2015-06-04]
Faculty members have received the 1000 talent award [2015-06-02]
President and guest visit the 3D imaging lab housed at SIST [2015-05-26]
Field trip to a wind turbine manufacturer [2015-05-18]
ShanghaiTech 2015 Summer Camp for Undergraduate Students [2015-05-11]
Leonidas Guibas: Networks of Shapes and Images [2015-04-20]
SIST student Xiaochen Liu’s paper was accepted by DAC 2015 [2015-02-27]
First batch of BeSTEC visitors arrive at Berkeley [2015-02-03]
SIST Retreat [2015-01-22]
New faculty members [2015-01-21]
New visiting professor [2015-01-21]
Orientation 2014 [2014-09-20]
Great Vision on Board [2014-03-12]
ShanghaiTech Holds 1st Meeting of the University Board of Trustees [2013-12-31]
Prof. Stephen Boyd Draws Large Crowd at SIST Seminar [2013-11-19]
SIST Took Part in the 5G Workshop [2013-10-31]
SIST Sponsored the Young Idea Award Contest [2013-10-12]
Officers from NSFC Visit SIST [2013-09-29]
Official Opening of Shanghaitech to First Wave of Students [2013-09-06]
New Semester Kicks Off for the First Batch of ShanghaiTech Graduate Students [2013-09-06]
ShanghaiTech 2013 Summer Camp “Approaching Research-Experiencing Innovation” Opening Ceremony for Undergraduate Students Held Successfully [2013-07-11]
Campus under Construction [2013-05-17]
ShanghaiTech Campus Construction Started [2012-12-31]
ShanghaiTech University Hosting 2012 FIST-2012 International Workshop [2012-12-19]
ShanghaiTech Signs Memorandum of Understanding with UC Berkeley [2012-11-13]