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1. Faculty Search Committee

Chair:Jingyi YuYajun Ha

Number of Members:13


  • Faculty candidate screening, interview, and recommendation. Academic and administrative personnel search and recruiting

2. SIST Tenure & Promotion Committee

Chair:Jingyi Yu

Number of Members:6


  • Faculty promotion.

3. Academic Affairs (SAA) Committee

Chair:Jingyi YuYajun Ha

Co-Chair: Xuming He,Xufeng Kou

Number of Members:13


  • Research developing and discipline planning Graduate and Undergraduate training Programs.
  • Degree requirements and petitions.
  • Academic conduct regulations.

4. Curriculum and Teaching Committee

Chair: Rui Fan

Co-Chair:Junrui LiangZiyu Shao

Number of Members:21


  • Course planning and new course approval.
  • Undergraduate student advising and mentor program.
  • Graduate student advising.

5. Recruitment and Admissions (GRA) Committee

Chair:Pingqiang Zhou

Co-Chair:Shenghua Gao, Xuming HeYuanming Shi

Number of Members:18


  • Undergraduate and Graduate admission policies, procedures, and decisions.

6. Resource Management Committee(RMC)

Chair:Yajun HaYu Zhou

Co-Chair:Kewei Tu

Number of Members:12


  • Resource Policy
  • Lab equipment planning and budget review Research platform and lab policy

7. Public Relation and Collaboration Committee

Chair: Haoyu Wang

Co-Chair:Sören Schwertfeger

Number of Members:8


  • Public relation and news, SIST webpage management, newsletters, international and industrial collaboration, and societal outreach

8. Academic Seminar (SAC) Committee

Chair: Yanlin Geng

Number of Members:9


  • Organizing and hosting SIST seminars and distinguished lectures.

9. Staff Search Committee

Chair:Yu Zhou

Co-Chair:Shu Yin

Number of Members:9


  • Staff Recruitment