High-Order Compensation Network for Inductive Power Transfer Systems


Speaker:   Rong He

Time:       13:30-14:30, Sep 17

Location:  SIST 1C 101

Host:       Prof. Minfan Fu


The Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) system depends on coupling coils to transfer power from the transmitter to the receiver. Due to the large distance, leakage flux is larger than traditional transformer and coupling coefficient is small. That contribute to poor power transfer ability. At that time, compensation network is used to decrease the reactive power and increase the power transfer ability and efficiency However, most compensation networks cannot satisfy different objectives simultaneously because of the limited design freedom. High-order compensation provides more design freedom for inductive power transfer system, and can help improve output voltage/current controllability. This talk will firstly introduce the development of wireless power transfer and the characteristic of four different technology, and then it will focus on IPT system and its compensation network. It propose a novel perspective to simplify the decomposition and synthesis for high order compensation IPT system. Proposed topology can achieve load-independent output under coupling variation, and easily fulfill the various charging requirements, such as constant voltage or constant current. Meanwhile, the proposed method dramatically simplifies the evaluation for the influence of the coil equivalent series resistors on the transfer function and efficiency.


Rong He was born in Hunan Province, China. She received the Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and Automation from Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai, China. She is presently a graduate student in Advanced Electric Power Conversion Laboratory (AEPCL), SIST. Her research interests include high order compensation network of IPT system and multiple coils IPT system.

SIST seminar 18200