Quantifying Uncertainty for Ideal MHD Based on A Stochastic Galerkin Approach


Speaker:   Prof. Xinghui Zhong 

Time:       14:00-15:00, Sep. 11

Location:  SIST 1A 108

Host:       Prof. Qifeng Liao



We investigate the ideal magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) equations with random inputs based on generalized polynomial chaos (gPC) stochastic Galerkin approximation.  A special treatment with symmetrization is carried out for the gPC stochastic Galerkin method so that the resulting deterministic gPC Galerkin system is provably symmetric hyperbolic in the spatially one-dimensional case. We discretize the hyperbolic gPC Galerkin system with a high-order path-conservative finite volume weighted essentially non-oscillatory scheme in space and a third-order total variation diminishing  Runge-Kutta method in time. The method is also extended to two spatial dimensions via the operator splitting technique. Several numerical examples are provided to illustrate the accuracy and effectiveness of the numerical scheme.



SIST-Seminar 18198