Experiences Sharing of HPC Student Competitions


Speaker:     Mr. Shi Ziji

Time:        16:00-17:30, Jan. 3

Location:    SIST1A-502

Host:          Prof.Shu Yin


HPC Student Competition is a place where participating teams build a small-scale High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster to run HPC or AI applications. Application Optimization is usually allowed, and the cluster is required to run under 3KW power budget.


NTU HPC is a student-led organization that runs weekly training on HPC, and represents Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in student cluster competitions. Established in 2013, NTU HPC have been a strong presence in major student cluster competitions. In the last two years, they have won overall championship and LINPACK at SC'17, and two first runner-up at ISC'18 and SC18 respectively.


In this talk, Ziji will share some of his experience with Student Cluster Competitions. Topics include the differences between three major competitions, the structure of NTU HPCs weekly training, the decision process on cluster architecture (hardware and software), and application fine tuning and optimization.


Shi Ziji is a final year Computer Science student from NTU. He serves as the President of NTU HPC. He has led the team in ISC18, and was a member of the team at ASC16 and SC17. He has won one championship, one first runner-up, and broken LINPACK world record. Currently, he is in charge of the training of NTU HPC.

SIST-Seminar 18125