• / Prof. Bangming Chen / 陈邦明 特聘教授
    Email: bomy.chen@@mail.sim.ac.cn
    专业方向: 电子科学与技术
Prof. Bangming Chen / 陈邦明 特聘教授

电 话:
Email :bomy.chen@@mail.sim.ac.cn
专业方向: 电子科学与技术


  • 大规模集成电路存储


Dr. Bomy Chen is the vice president of Advanced technology at Silicon Storage Technology, Inc, which is also as Technical Fellow of Microchip that is mother company of SST. Micrchip /SST is one of the leading embedded flash solution and stand flash products providers around the world. Before join SST in 2003, Bomy work in IBM Microelectronics for 12 years and hold several senior management positions for both DRAM and logic technology in both R&D and manufacturing projects. Dr. Chen have 116 USA patent issued, 44 USA patent pending and 46 technical publications that cover from 0.8um CMOS to 90nm’s embedded DRAM and embedded flash, unit process, new device, phase change memory and SoC process. (a) Advanced Semiconductor IC memory : new material, structure and circuitry design and test for commercial products (b) Advanced SOI and Power IC : new material and device structures (c) Microelectronic high-value patents in International IP Litigation integration.


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