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Prof. Boris Houska / Boris Houska 助理教授、研究员

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Email :borish@@shanghaitech.edu.cn
个人主页: http://faculty.sist.shanghaitech.edu.cn/faculty/boris/
专业方向: 信息与通信工程
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Optimal Control

Model Predictive Control

Robust Optimization


Boris Houska received a diploma in mathematics and physics from the University of Heidelberg in 2007, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from KU Leuven in 2011. From 2012 to 2013 he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Process Systems Engineering at Imperial College London. From 2013-2014 Boris Houska worked as faculty member at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In August and September 2014 he was a guest professor at the Institute for Microsystems Engineering at the University of Freiburg. Since October 2014 Boris Houska is an assistant professor, PI at the School of Information Science and Technology at ShanghaiTech University.

Boris Houska's research interests include numerical optimization and optimal control, robust and global optimization, as well as fast model predictive control algorithms. He has been awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship for his work on global optimal control algorithms as well as an “ICCOPT Best Paper Prize for a Young Researcher in Continuous Optimization” (Finalist, Top 3) for his work on nonlinear robust optimization algorithms. Boris Houska has delivered a plenary lecture at the 2nd International Workshop on Mathematics and Algorithms for Computer-Aided Manufacturing, Engineering and Numerical Control and has served as a chair and organizer of various invited sessions at international conferences including the INFORMS Annual Meeting and the IFAC Symposium on Robust Control Design. He is one of the main authors of the open-source optimal control software ACADO Toolkit. He has published more than 50 papers in peer-reviewed international journals and conference proceedings and is a reviewer for many top journals in the field of optimization and control.


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